29. Ulu Knife

$17.95 $19.95

This high quality Ulu knife is American made for a life time of use. The Ulu Knife blade is made from 430 stainless steel, finely honed to an exact sharpness, with a fitted handle. You can order just the plans (the blade is included) and make your own handle or we can ship the completed knife ready for your use. We offer handles made from Beechwood, and Manzanita. We also offer the handle in Shed Antler at an additional charge. You will make your selection at checkout.

Size: Approximately 3.5"X 5"

The Ulu is perfectly curved to facilitate the chopping of vegetables, fresh herbs, spices and fruit. You will discover many uses for this versatile addition to your culinary tools.

We offer a matching stand, using your handle wood choice as the stand material, for display on your counter, at an additional charge.

Please see our other offerings to order the Ulu Knife with a cutting board, with a chopping bowl or as a complete Ulu set, including knife, board and bowl.

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