16. FourTrack Cribbage Board


Shipping to United States: $12.25

This classic design is handcrafted from fine quality Oregon hardwood.

You have a choice of Maple (light wood color) or Walnut (dark wood color).

The board is finished in clear lacquer to enhance the beauty of your wood choice.

There are no painted lines that will fade and disappear over time.

The board measures 1 1/8 X 5 1/2 X 16.

This board comes with a set of high quality metal pegs (gold, silver, red and black) which are stored in the board itself and we include an extra peg of each color.

An added skunk line is also available.

To further the heirloom quality we can add an embossed inlay to (up to 20 characters including spaces) to commemorate a special occasion or highlight a special day or event.

If adding an inlay please include you verbiage on the notes section of your order.

This Cribbage is Tournament quality yet simple in design and ruggedly constructed from a single piece of wood.

It makes a great gift and is sure to please the most seasoned Cribbage player.

It will certainly become a "hand me down" item to future generations of Cribbage enthusiasts.

Reviews (9)


wonderful quality and craftsmanship on the cribbage board I received. This was a gift for a wonderful Canadian who enjoys cribbage more than most. Wayne created a wonderful gift and I am most grateful for his help and timely responses. As the cribbage playing grows in Chicago I’ll be sure to buy additional cribbage boards from Wayne for the next round of cribbage supporters. Thank you for such wonderful quality and attention to detail.

Beautifully crafted. It’s got a little weight to it which makes me feel like it will last forever! I bought this for a camping trip with my family because I wanted to teach them how to play cribbage in hopes it would become a family tradition and I think it’s safe to say it was a success! We all loved using this 4 track board. Two things, the plug on the side of the board that keeps the pegs inside is VERY tight and can be difficult to remove if you don’t have strong nails or something to pry it up with. I only mention this just in case there are those with dexterity issues looking to purchase. I’m sure that with enough use, the plug will loosen up and get easier to remove. Second, because I got a 4 track board, one set of the pegs was a larger size than the others. This is an otherwise PERFECT board.

Extremely fine craftsmanship and absolutely wonderful to work with! Thank you for ALL of your help. The cribbage board is lovely and is going to make a truly fine gift that will become an heirloom.

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