18 - Cork Screw Miniature Wine Bottle (red)


An inexpensive, attention getter.

It sells its self.

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I bought this for my niece, who just turned 21 and wanted a variety of wine accessories. She picked this out on Etsy so I ordered it for her. I know it wasn't an expensive item ( you get what you pay for) but when I opened the package the label was crooked on the miniature bottle. I was disappointed since this really isn't a difficult thing to put on and it is very noticeable. Another negative note was the shipping. This was a small and lightweight item and the price was $5.95 and shipping was a WOMPING $8.75. Normally I wouldn't have bought it, but I knew my niece wanted it. On a positive note I gave it to her anyway and she loved it. I guess she isn't as picky about detail as I am. Another positive, the item came in a timely fashion.

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