26. Card Box


Shipping to United States: $5.00

How many times have you placed a rubber band around the playing cards when you are through playing the game? Wonder why after a few uses the cards become curled the edges become blunted making them difficult to shuffle and deal. This card box is not only attractive but it also provides an environment that greatly reduces this premature deterioration.

The wood choices vary because these card boxes are not built on an assembly line process. Each box has its own character. The box is finished with several coats of clear lacquer and then waxed to a high luster. Many different varieties of woods are used. You can specify light or dark in Variations.


Pocket hinges (hidden)
Magnetic closures
Felt bottom.

Comes with two decks of high quality cards.

Specify the card size in Variations.
Playing card size Bicycle or Aviator.
Bridge size American Contract Bridge league. (ACBL)

You can also personalize this by adding a bronze colored metal insert. Highlighting a special occasion such as:
Memorial Event

Showing the thought you put into this gift. Names or numbers up to twenty characters for an additional charge of $19.95. Order in Variations. Please add verbiage in Comments on Order. Approximate Dimension’s: 1.75 x 3.50 x 9.75

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