41. European Style Playing Card Press


"LeBonheurDuJour" Card presses are often used in French cafe's to keep packs of playing cards fresh and straight for the customers that make card games a part of their daily entertainment.

Very useful at Bridge groups or in Poker rooms as well as in home use where numerous decks are kept.

* Keeps your cards perfectly flat.
* Wooden slats absorb the moisture from your hands at time of play.
* Now those stray decks can be found in one place.
* Accommodates Standard or Bridge size decks.
* Holds up to 12 decks
* 2 Filler Pieces
* 11 Slats

The wooden press is made from Beech wood.

It's strenght is well suited for the pressing action required to keep constant pressure on each deck.

Size: 16 1/2" Long X 5 1/2" Wide X 3.0" High

Includes 11 slates and 2 fillers

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Excellent craftsmanship! This traveled all across the country and arrived in perfect condition! Super fast shipping and great quality! Thank you soo much!

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