21A. 4 Track Cribbage Board / Box


Shipping to United States: $10.50

This hand crafted cribbage board/box allows storage for playing cards. (up to eight decks). Also , score sheets, pens & other such items.

A place to keep the game together.

* Continuous track from start to finish , not repeating the same course.
* Comes with high quality metal pegs sets ,plus an extra, just in case.
* Each box is uniquely made from walnut or maple hardwood. Your choice.
* Lined with green felt.
* It makes a great gift and it is assured to please the most seasoned cribbage player.
* The box is finished in clear lacquer to enhance the beauty of your wood choice.
* There are no painted lines that will fade and disappear over time.

A bronze metal inlay up to (20 characters) to commemorate a special occasion or by highlighting a special day or event. Additional $20.00

Add a skunk line $8.00.

Size 4 x 17 x 6 in.

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Had some challenges on the shipping side. The seller's listing made it seem like the item would ship quickly, and I got the shipping confirmation within 2 days of order. Unfortunately I found out later that materials weren't even received by the seller until 5 days after item was listed as "shipped." Was told it would ship out by the next day, but it was 2 days later, leading to the items to not arrive in time for Christmas. The boards themselves look pretty good. One of them had quite a few of the holes splinter and chip when being drilled, but the others look good. The seller did not include a 3rd peg of each color to track the number of games won, and on one board did not include a 2nd of one of the colors (included 3 of a different color). I'm assuming most of these issues probably came from a chaotic Christmas rush.

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