43. Tortilla Press


This press could be the life of the party.

First Step: Have your guest start by making their own tortilla from a dough ball you have provided.

Next step: Throw your tortilla on the grill, hot plate, BBQ grate or any
other means for lightly toasting this tort.

Final Step: Add the ingredient you have laid out. Pulled pork, ground meat with seasoning,
chicken, all make a fine base. Vegetables, cilantro, sour cream, salsa, etc.

You know what makes a great tortilla. Lots of fun. Something your guest will
not forget.

* The press is made of rugged Douglas Fir and featuring a ¾" maple axial. Bound by hardwood threaded nuts. You can torque this baby with all your might.
* Easy to clean, by removing the axial /nut combination
* Makes an excellent 8 in. tortilla
* A spacer plate is provided for making thinner torts
* The handle can be removed for a lower profile if storage space is a premium.
* Food safe. an instruction sheet is provided outlining proper care. It also includes a simple corn masa dough recipe.

Size 9 X 9 ½ X 8 in.

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Received today and super happy with the quality!! Can’t wait to use it!

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