43. Tortilla Press


Shipping to United States: $10.00

This press could be the life of the party.

First Step: Have your guest start by making their own tortilla from a dough ball you have provided.

Next step: Throw your tortilla on the grill, hot plate, BBQ grate or any
other means for lightly toasting this tort.

Final Step: Add the ingredient you have laid out. Pulled pork, ground meat with seasoning,
chicken, all make a fine base. Vegetables, cilantro, sour cream, salsa, etc.

You know what makes a great tortilla. Lots of fun. Something your guest will
not forget.

In addition to Tortillas this press also works great to make Paratha, Chapati or Roti!

* The press is made of rugged Douglas Fir and featuring a ¾" maple axial. Bound by hardwood threaded nuts. You can torque this baby with all your might.
* Easy to clean, by removing the axial /nut combination
* Makes an excellent 8 in. tortilla
* A spacer plate is provided for making thinner torts
* The handle can be removed for a lower profile if storage space is a premium.
* Food safe. an instruction sheet is provided outlining proper care. It also includes a simple corn masa dough recipe.

Size 12 X 10 X 6 inches.

My mother received this adorable gift for her birthday, and she could not believe how well made the press was, and how thoughtful the packaging was, with the handwritten notes and photos. thank you for taking the time for be so thoughtful! you really made her day :] I will definitely be purchasing from here in the future

shopping with this shop was one of the best experiences. I love this handmade tortilla press so much, it is such a special thing to use, and makes me smile to just see it sitting on the counter. thank you so much. eager to shop with you again.

Wayne and Barbara: A really well-made, nice piece of kitchen equipment that I know will last me many years of fresh tortilla making - thanks so much!

Great craftsmanship! Much appreciated, Wayne!

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